Below Ill share with you all round opinion you to definitely mythology, religion, mysticism, and esotericism possess from the per matter

This is out of Amounts

When i previously mentioned, the essential that you discover the significance, but it does assist to understand what for each and every count form. Either we really was tuning for the traditional energy, magic, and you can concept of per count:

Amount 0

Zero is actually user of your own primordial void, the new uterus, the field of potential. Zero is a circle that signifies totality: that which precedes lifetime, the newest endless force. It is little and you may that which you, inception in addition to stop. Zero is sometimes a symbol of Heart otherwise Goodness, and therefore of unity and you may wholeness.

Number 1

You to definitely signifies leadership, energy, and you will trust. Number 1 is like a much arrow hence reflects dedication and precision. One is together with reflective off characteristics, self-development, and you will notice-empowerment. In the place of no, which is female and you may receptive, you have a male and you may willful opportunity.

No. 2

Several is the quantity of duality; brand new split up i perceive in daily life anywhere between light and you will dark, in-and-out, yin and you may yang, male and female, good and bad, life-and-death, notice and heart, and the like. Similarly, a couple symbolizes commitment, but on the other, they represents conflict and you will opposition. When balanced, a couple of is actually lots of harmony, however when unbalanced, the number a few shall be malicious.


Around three is generally thought to be an especially fortunate and you may effective amount. Three represents the fresh divine idea one underlies lifetime for instance the mind, system, and you may soul; beginning, life and death; birth, center and you will avoid; earlier in the day, establish and you can upcoming, and so on. Spiritual lifestyle such as for instance Wicca and you will Christianity indicate the latest spiritual push due to the fact an effective triune, like, the daddy, Guy, and you will Holy Soul, and Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Around three are symbolic of triumph, intuition, and you may chance.

# 4

Five try good grounded and steady amount one evokes an atmosphere away from calmness and you will solidity. Four is very much indeed rooted in new physical globe that is throughout the becoming introduce plus in the newest “today.” Such as for example, you’ll find five year, four facets, and four sides of your world. Four means strengthening an effective basis and developing an all the way down-to-world angle.

No. 5

Five is actually lots of adventure and liberty. Five is even a very sensual number (five senses, five fingers and you may toes) and its own regarding watching lifestyle, trying the fresh feel, and seeking away satisfaction. So it count is also associated with feeling lives transform (such as for example relationship, divorce, brand new operate) and to make important selection.

Number 6

Half dozen means an equilibrium within earthly and you will religious realms. Half dozen is also linked to intuition, clairvoyance, and other extrasensory capabilities (and that the newest “sixth” sense). For the numerology, six ‘s the quantity of mom; the one who nurtures and you will compassionately provides someone else.


7 try an awesome matter which is on the synchronicity, chance, and you can brilliance (seven chakras, 7 colors of your own rainbow, one week on the few days, etcetera.). Eight is additionally recognized as a strange amount that’s connected in order to religious waking, introspection, additionally the growth of skills. So it amount is actually connected with the quest for Realities and also the desire for a much deeper knowledge of lives.

No. 8

Eight was linked to variety, prosperity, and financial better-getting. Resourcefulness, work, dedication, and you may inner fuel all are characteristics of seven. Spiritually, eight is seen as an equalizer or balancer (and that its profile) one to unites this new mindful on the unconscious, and you may earthly to the religious. To put it differently, eight is reflected regarding proverb “you’ll experience what you sow.”

Number 9

Nine ‘s the quantity of satisfaction. Information, self-test, enlightenment, and better awareness all are qualities for the count nine. Nine is also linked to ones highest objective and you may ultimate existence mission; so it matter prompts us to bring a wild birds attention look at our everyday life.

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