Belarus might not be on various travelers’ palpeur, but its active capital city of Minsk is catching on as an alternative end of the week. Beyond the capital, the country’s countryside presents fairytale castles and rolling sunflower fields along with forgotten schtetls (Jewish villages) and enchanted jungles. You’ll also find the UNESCO-listed Dudutki Ethnological Museum complex where best way to acquire a feel intended for the old Belarusian way of life is with a full well guided tour.

In the capital of Minsk there are a number of romantic spots, via historical historic monuments and specific earth-friendly towns to restaurants and parks. Several the most beloved areas will be the Dvina fridge and the Chagall ways. Besides the museums and other historical sites in Minsk, it is really worth visiting the Kalozha Church a UNESCO Universe Historical Site with beautiful frescoes and porcelain work and the Loshitsky Park which is famous for its walnut tree that fulfills needs.

Additional great loving places in Belarus include the Lubanski Manor, a charming est which now homes a cafe and has an interesting story about the ghosts of Loshitsky Park. Also, you have the Old Grodno Castle built in the 11th century and is also a reminder within the Black Ruthenian period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This kind of awe-inspiring building is a must-visit. It is also worth looking over the amazing Old Area of Polotsk, with its neo-Romanesque church and a neo-Renaissance castle.

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