The greatest kind of love is extremely determined by the sort of like valued really of the a given personal

Philia was a smooth like, and could not even be employed to define very enchanting otherwise personal relationships, booked as an alternative to possess relationships marked from the spirits, regular love, and you may ease

For many, agape is the most important particular like, as it describes brand new like indicated and you may noticed for people because of the spiritual viewpoints like, deities; simple visibility impact try with the ludus like, and this some individuals find extremely important, as it is exactly how extremely dating begin; anyone else faith pragma is a vital variety of like because the it’s doing work in long-term, constant relationship. The greatest sorts of like, according to really posts that contains ancient greek language indicate agape, while many cultures appear to revere the latest like consisted of inside dating displayed pragma.

Often called “brotherly love,” philia is described as a contributed have confidence in, value to own, and estimation of just one other, and generally does not involve a great amount of passion or adventure. Once again making use of the example regarding a computer, philia love try a give-and-capture dating, in which both parties are constantly hitting the “upload file” switch on dating, just as imparting effort and you may focus on the partnership.

Auranophile is an individual who dearly loves brand new celebrities and also the moonlight, otherwise gleans a good amount of morale or a feeling of shelter from the moon and celebrities. The expression comprises of “urano,” obtained from the phrase having “the newest sky,” and you can “phile,” which is extracted from the jak sprawdzić, kto ciÄ™ lubi w seekingarrangement bez pÅ‚acenia word “philos,” and thus “dear” or “precious.”

If you find yourself other forms out of like-agape, eros, ludus, mania, and you will storge-might work with relationship or some sort of connection, philia focuses primarily on brand new love mutual anywhere between friends and family players

The term “melophile” comprises of two terms: “melo,” from “melos,” meaning that tunes words, tune, otherwise tune, and you will “phile,” taken from the expression “philos,” meaning that beloved, otherwise dear. Make, an effective melophile is somebody who wants music.

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