thirteen JLS – ‘Just take A spin On the Me’

Starving for a piece out of pre-teen, suburbian angst? Enter Jenna Rose (and you will some one worryingly called ‘Child Triggy’). Competent about Rebecca Black university away from literalism, Flower is actually younger which have notably less judge capacity to drive a beneficial vehicle and you may a good helluva many more autotune.

14 Nickelback – ‘Rockstar’

The message i got from this movies are that face off Chad Kroeger was considered thus unpalatable for personal application that they had some functions sense people in order to lip connect collectively in order to the words alternatively. Indeed, so on KISS’ Gene Simmons, celebrity Eliza Dushku, Kid Rock and you can Nelly Furtado all of the registered when you look at the to the “the fun”.

Certainly devoid of examined sets from the numerous “pop organizations do Xmas clips” (oh sure, The fresh new Liven Ladies ‘2 Getting 1′ and you will Eastern 17’s ‘Stay Various other Day’, the audience is looking at your!), JLS spend all its hard earned tailored condoms money on which ridiculous introduction on cannon. The brand new quartet look like they might be trapped from the Westfield immediately after midnight and get decided to remain warm with many old gowns out-of River Island’s “Townie” range. It is gruesome, gruesome stuff.

a dozen David Bowie & Mick Jagger – ‘Dance Regarding the Street’

Bowie and you can Jagger. Fundamentally with her. Exactly what could not work right? That one another icons was indeed on the drizzly autumns of the respective work failed to let (Jagger involved the release their 1987 solo album ‘Primitive Cool’, Bowie had his notorious Glass Examine concert tour so you can compete with). One to the video clips procedures was indeed ‘make them along with her and discover what happens!’ assisted considerably less.

11 Cher Lloyd – ‘Swagger Jagger’

A great Cbeebies anime from the a disturbing popstar has expanded everywhere Cher Lloyd. UH-OH! Manfully she made a decision to carry on and would the woman video clips anyway. That the of a lot, many Simon Cowell-added focus communities about Cher Lloyd created that is baffling. It is a confusing, head-ache causing lattice of colours, fashions and you will ‘concepts’. Ugh.

ten James Dull – ‘You are Beautiful’

It appears strange that into the 2004 this previous army officer do signal the fresh new maps with his blend of hamster-instance sound and you can audio hence breezed through the roadways of Clapham like chilly, futuristic winds. Into video clips for this stalker-on-the-pipe tune the guy got the ‘the man’ with the us, but on way more cynical attention it appeared to be “An effective toothy slight royal strips out-of in the pouring rain.”

nine The latest Fray – ‘Ideas on how to Save yourself A beneficial Life’

We don’t care and attention just how many Katherine Heigl rom-coms otherwise moments for the TOWIE it song soundtracked, the genuine films is quite really awful. You to trick topic we analyzed of it is the fact, remember infants, loneliness works out a commercial towards the Gap’s Spring collection.

8 Christina Aguilera – ‘Perhaps not Me Tonight’

It must was coming back about wake of Ladies Gaga, but really Aguilera possess done better than this would not she? X-Tina ran towards the ‘shock’ factor, however, their just be sure to shock has a bad perm, shirtless boys dance in the torrential rain and several extremely humdrum searching plastic dresses. Urg. Made intercourse browse a little bit ‘meh’.

7 Pixies – ‘Velouria’

It appears to be odd you to definitely a ring that have thus conveniently took brand new reunion money were therefore embarrassing and then make sounds clips throughout their first age lifetime since a ring. And you may whilst the the “anti films” posture was noble, they required that individuals had to sustain times in this way. An extraordinary tune us-accomplished by this new films.

6 Razorlight – ‘Cord So you can Wire’

There is a fine range between “arty minute and therefore generally seems to encompass everything you” and “dreadful plotless Lol-fest”. What type you think Razorlight generated? Contained in this ‘video’ it have a look that our character (J-Bo) have put flame to another people in Razorlight and designed her or him to the an excellent ear canal band and you may pearl necklace place hence he waves regarding nonchalantly.

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